Transylvanian Vladbread

Not sure I really want to get involved in this. Halloween is an American thing that has been imported into the UK to provide yet another of the commercial Feast Days our economy has come to depend on now that we don’t produce things anymore – except for acres of black plastic tat and pumpkins for slashing not eating.

But I’m being encouraged to turn out Halloween related products to boost sales …

So I’m working on a sort of Blood Moon idea based on crossing the 80% hydration dough that I use for focaccia with my Beetbrot formula –

Not sure that visually I don’t prefer the dough to the baked product.

The reason it’s only a half-moon is my mate Kev came round with parkin and fruit bread just as the Vladbread was coming out of the oven. After a socially-distanced glass of Old Rosie how could I deny him?

It’s a first attempt and it’s not very scary and I’m not very enthusiastic about about promoting Halloween – but it don’t arf taste good.

Maybe I’ll just call it Focaccia Rosso.

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One thought on “Transylvanian Vladbread

  1. I feel your pain but can you try to see it in a different way?
    On this beautiful island that you and me live on, it has been an centuries old tradition and it is called Samhain.
    It is a heathens festival (or from the old religion of the pagans, so you wish, where the halloween stems from!) and at the same dates as well. But a different thing is being celebrated that has nothing to do with commercial stuff.
    This way you are actually honouring the old ways. Hope this makes you feel better!

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