Butternut Squash (& Chums) 15.07.2020

A photo record of today’s bake which of course takes more than one day to achieve. The focaccia dough has already been in the fridge for two days.

This seemingly innocent picture is perhaps the most important of all. It’s called prepping. Yesterday the butternut squash was gently roast with olive oil and a scattering of chile flakes then pureed. The sunflower seed has been toasted in the oven and cooled. The dough boxes washed and dried. The starter is on the rise. The cider level is going down. A state of relaxed harmony is developing. Lunch is on the way.

4.00 p.m. the doughs – Campagne, Classic, Wholemeal and Butternut Squash are hand-mixed and stashed, in their boxes in the fridge for a slow overnight fermentation.

6.00 a.m. out comes the butternut squash




Into the baskets to prove

Tucked up for a 3½ hour prove

First of many clear ups



Baked 45 minutes @ 210C

Proper cooling is an essential part of the baking process

Caught up with a few unruly mates – White Sourdough (Campagne), Wholemeal, Mick’s Classic Sourdough

And the irresistible Red Grape and Fennel Seed Focaccia

Finally a couple of runts – scrap dough for the bakers breakfast.

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