Experiments with Old Rosie

The first Old Rosie/Apricot Rye was slow rising and had a tight crumb even for a wholemeal rye. I wondered if the alcohol was inhibiting the yeast in the starter so I did a little experiment.

On the left, the cider has had the alcohol boiled off. The dough on the right has straight cider.

After three hours the right is clearly lagging behind

After four and a half hours the right has done a bit of catching up and, even though both are a little slow, they’re going in the oven.

After baking, the left hand dough (no alcohol) is still the winner, but there’s not a lot in it.

Right hand loaf on top.

Alcohol free loaf cut (the other’s in the freezer). After about three days wrapped it matures beautifully.

Should I try it without apricots next, see what effect that has?

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One thought on “Experiments with Old Rosie

  1. Hi Mick, doesn’t the alcohol vanish in the heat of the oven anyway? I was wondering what your final verdict on the differences was. Currently I am experimenting with using vodka as a ‘must have’ ingredient in many things and am amazed by its impact. Have you tried it in bread? I’m about to, I’ll let you know.

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