Snaps II

What was the weather like in France, Mick?

Bit damp in parts although it didn’t seem to bother our neighbour, Alain, as the flood laps up to his garage door.

The car is actually parked against the curb.

We did wonder for a bit as the water crept up the terrace – the doorstep’s only three inches higher.

How did you pass the time, Mick?

Well, I bought some flour and made some bread.

This was my palette: bog standard supermarché T65, plus Monoprix has launched a range of pretend “artisan” flours including spelt, maize and rye, no T numbers and vaguely called semi-complete, but all organic and they did the job.

So when the holiday was coming to an end I had to devise a bread that used them all and, of course, had to call it Monopain – 100g T65, 300g Spelt, 100g Maize. Came out amazingly well.

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