Cloche Encounters for the Third Time

… well it was either that or hat jokes – put a turban in your cloche sort of thing.
Back to road testing Crochendy Bethesda Pottery’s cloche.
A Challah turban (two thirds white, 0ne third wholemeal) seemed an appropriate shape but this one (940g) was just a little to big:
So when the lid was taken off after 20 minutes the top was a bit scorched from contact with the dome – (I think the domes are now slightly larger – ask Ian at the pottery).
Not to worry. A good coating of egg wash and you wouldn’t know the difference.

A spin-off was 120g Challah burger bunz, some with, some without:
Burgers have the same problem as pizzas; they get eaten before the photograph is taken. Fortunately Sue flagged a little before they all disappeared:

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