One for Phil Joy

Phil wants the chile sauce recipe. I told him it’s not done to ask a chap to reveal the secrets of his chile sauce, but seeing as it’s you Phil …
This is an adapted version from a favourite cookery book, Pickles, Pigs and Whiskey by John Currance. I’ve done it bakers’ percentage style giving the chiles at 100%, followed by garlic at 4.4%, salt 11.6%, sugar 4.4%, champagne vinegar 117.0% (he adds zantham gum at 0.6% but I don’t like using the stuff).

Puree the chiles, garlic, salt and sugar. Put in a clean jar and leave at room temperature for a couple of days till it starts to ferment. Move to the fridge for four weeks.

Whisk in the vinegar and blend well before bottling.

Got to be patient now.

Of course the real skill comes in making batches of different chiles and blending them …

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