Brilliant Course

Simon and Judi came over from Dublin to do my Introduction to Sourdough course, a “one day” course over two days (two hours mixing doughs afternoon day one/five or so hours baking day two, fun and pizza lunch included).

They came with intent, as you might say. Being busy people with family and work commitments they don’t often get to take even short breaks away on their own, so they were intent on squeezing every bit out of their 48 hours. Simon researches bread courses in Ireland and the UK, likes my approach and the fact they can get individual tuition, and books the course. Then, determined to have the best possible time for the two of them, he checks out Michelin starred restaurants and books into a small hotel in Corwen. Then he uses his charm to subvert my timetable (don’t ever try this on me) so the start on day one is earlier to fit in with the boat, and the start on day two is much later so they get to have a good lie in and don’t have too much time between the course end and the ferry back.

So I admire them for that aspect of their trip but also for their determination to get the most out of the course. They are going home with four small Pain de Campagnes, large Multigrain, 5 Seed with Spelt, two Classics, two Black Olives, a Cherry Tomato Focaccia, a Red Grape Focaccia, five baguettes + an assortment of rolls + a box of high hydration pizza dough and some starter. But this lot is going straight into the freezer and their intention is to bake the very next day while the techniques they have just learned are fresh in their memories. Phew!

Great time, lovely people.

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