Pain Hirigoyen

Now this is what you call a cheese stall:

Actually it’s less than a quarter of Cremerie Nicole Hirigoyen on the market in Arcachon. Mme Hirigoyen sadly died while we were on holiday a few weeks back. She’d been on the market for decades and, although we never had a conversation, in a sort of way we knew each other fairly well. Her expression didn’t give much away but she remembered us and you could see her thinking, they’re back again, and patiently taking our order despite our crap French.

The last loaf I made before we came back to Wales used up whatever flour I had left, proportionate to the amounts remaining: approximately T130 Seigle 50%, T65 Froment 20%, T110 Wheat 30%.  Given that it was determined by what was available it came out pretty well.

So when we were back in Bethesda I recreated it and named it in memory of Nicole Hirgoyen because it goes extremely well with cheese, not that the French would eat their cheese with bread.

Pain Hirigoyen.- Strong White 20.0%, Wholemeal Wheat 30.0%, Wholemeal Rye 50.0%, Water 66.5%, Starter 28.0%, Salt 1.6%.

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