Well that five weeks went fast.

You remember last year’s report on the state of Arcachon’s bakeries. Here’s the update.

First the good news. The boulanger from La Chocolatine who got himself run over and hospitalised is well back at work:
I don’t know how he does it. He works from morning til night in this tiny space, does most of the serving himself, doesn’t seem to have an apprentice and is unrelentingly cheerful. He also usually has a queue:
And proud of his heritage.

L’Amandine, which was probably the smartest bakery in town, closed last year:
Well, it could have been McDonalds …

Ty Pain is still unoccupied.

Douceurs de Louise, which was a bit fey and lasted only a couple of years, is now even stranger:
They only sell these confections a bit smaller than a tennis ball that are crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. But people were queuing out of the door that Sunday … what do I know about business?

This one is doing something right:
Been around some years now and always has a queue. But fancy having to state the dough is mixed, shaped and baked on the premises. Lots of chilled and frozen dough in France.

On the other hand, just around the corner:
Was fitted out as a bakery and sandwich bar only a couple of years back. Seems to have gone.

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