Le Fin du Pain?

Disappearing boulangeries:
amandine-001-smallThis was the boss bakery in Arcachon, the one where all your “respectable” residents bought their bread. Been there for years. The big brick chimney for the long-gone wood burning oven can still be seen from the rear.

typain-001-smalltypain-002-smallThis one had been here as long as I can remember.

douce-001-smallThis one only about two years – maybe mistook the market.

choc-001-smallEven the survivors have their problems:
Never mind. France has its equivalent of Greggs:


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3 thoughts on “Le Fin du Pain?

    1. I don’t think anyone is able to fully resist this trend of late capitalism… I remember in Italy in the ’80s, the bread from a local panificio was almost uniformly dreadful – part of the underlying reasons why the Slow Food movement started up in reply.

  1. Arcachon is not a typical town because it depends hugely on tourist trade, a lot of it people from Bordeaux popping down when the weather’s good. Maybe day-trippers don’t buy bread. Maybe all the leases just came up for renewal.

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