Experiment #476

One of the best things that happened last year was making contact with Carrie Rimes at the Caernarfon Food Festival. Carrie – http://www.cosyn.cymru/en/home/ – doesn’t just make cheese, she makes it from ewes’ milk and it wins awards.

So when she phones up and asks if I could use some over-ripe Brefu Bach I have to contain my enthusiasm and pretend I’m doing her a favour. Over-ripe? I think it’s just coming on nicely. We’ve done the pizza and that was pretty good but the time has come to do something a bit more bakerly.

This is a sort of fougasse
It’s a soft rich dough with a bit of butter and olive oil and egg yolks (because they happened to be in the fridge – that’s not a very good reason even if I did want eggs in the dough). As well as the Brefu Bach, which by now had to be spooned, there’s a dollop of garlicky tomato sauce and a little serrano.
I think it’s a work in progress: too big, too much dough, too many egg yolks …
Very light dough though.

Next – off to buy some grapes.

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