Two Bakers

barry-fowler-001-smallFirst up, Barry Fowler, The Hill Bakery at Kilmersdon. You need to be up early to buy Barry’s bread unless you’ve placed an order. He sells at Frome farmers market once a month and luckily we coincided with him last weekend. We got there shortly after 10.00 a.m. and he was totally sold out apart from orders to be collected. Fortunately our hosts Clive and Aine did have an order so we were able to share in their bounty. Barry is a fine baker.

thoughtful-001-smallOn to Bath and the lair of the Eco-Artisan Baker and Real Bread Campaign Ambassador Duncan Glendinning. Didn’t get too close because they’d have had me in the mincer if I’d been spotted. Did notice a big heap of “Bread Revolution” they are still trying to unload …


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4 thoughts on “Two Bakers

  1. Thanks you Mick – I’m blushing!

    Can I use that in my publicity 🙂 It was lovely to see you and Sue last Saturday and thank you again for the generous and extremely useful gift. Bethesda Basics is never far out of reach.

    And Adam – Yes I think I was there just before you but rest assured I shall never go up your hill 🙂

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