Hip Flask Refill

scraps-002-smallSecond two day course in seven days. Last week we had Justin doing Microbakery. Very different this week with Jeremy. His partner bought him a course for his birthday so the objective was to give him a good time but also an intensive hands-on bread skills experience. Actually that’s always the objective – it’s just that there’s more time to relax if you’re not producing for customers.

I say it again. Where else can you get individual training on this scale with someone who loves and understands naturally leavened bread? Jeremy had nearly 4 kilos of fermented dough waiting for him to learn scaling and shaping; we had 11 doughs to mix and bake – basic loaves: Pain de Campagne, Pane Pugliese, Mick’s Classic Sourdough; loaves with soakers: 5 Seed with Spelt; Multigrain;  a complex rye: Guinness Volkornbrot; two festive, enriched doughs: Brioche de Noel, Raisin Challah; two flat breads: Cherry Tomato Focaccia, Apricot & Almond Fougasse; and 80% hydration pizza dough from which we made …. pizzas on the second days + plus a bonus of Turkish Pide with what was left of of the pizza dough.

On top of that you get two very good lunches with wine (if you want).

As ever, it’s a two way process. You become part of our household for two days – it’s more that just a kitchen rental. You learn from me but I also learn from you. We eat together: we learn a bit about you, you learn a bit about us. Anyway, I’m starting to wax lyrical a little …

Jeremy entered into the spirit of it. In fact he sneaked in the two bottles in the photo to save us from the winter weather which was just a little naughty. Behind you can see our personal bunce that we managed to squeeze from the course; Multigrain, Apricot & Almond Fougasse and a few now asleep in the freezer.

Brilliant seven days!

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