Sometimes I still get a sort of stagefright before a bake even though I’m entering my tenth year of baking for sale – the fear that you are about to attempt something that’s physically impossible – not just because of the aging body but also the size of the fridge for retarding and the ovens for baking, the number of proving baskets, the space for fermenting doughs, for cooling and for wrapping breads, being able to juggle doughs that are proving at different rates so that they fit seamlessly into the baking programme, that there are too few hours before the customers arrive at 5.00 p.m.

These days I’m just an occasional baker – around 20 large loaves might be my whack. Last week, knowing my next bake is four weeks away, the orders rolled in, and rolled in …

72 loaves in total – 51 large ones, 2 small, 10 fougasse, 19 baguettes + a Microbakery student deserving of my full attention. Justin arrived to be greeted with the news that we were starting at 5.00 a.m. the following day. Just like the old days.

Justin was a star. Even though he hadn’t much baking experience and virtually no sourdough, he took full part and can rightfully say he co-baked the whole production.
justin-003-smallwrapped-005-smalljustin-005-smallI ask you, where else can you get an individual Microbakery course that offers you this intensity of experience + detailed work on the student’s future baking plans?

Tomorrow? Two day course bought as a birthday present! A very different kind of experience.

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