beetgrigne 001 small

beetgrigne 002 smallThis started off as a joke, making a bread of beetroot, buttermilk and cheese – beetroot is a bit of a cliche. But it came out really well.

Not only that, it came out about the most beautiful loaf I ever made. The colours were so amazing I nearly phoned a friend who is a prize-winning photographer to do the job properly.
beetloaf 005 small
grigne 003 smallA good example of what happens when you slash a dough just off-centre with the blade angled in.

I’ll even give you the formula:
Strong White Bread Flour 100.o%
Water 14.5%
Buttermilk 44.4%
Starter 26.4%
Raw Beetroot 9.7%
Roast Beetroot 9.7%
Cheddar 14.5%
Salt 1.6%

Starter at 100% hydration
Puree the raw beetroot in the water
Grate the roast beetroot & the cheese

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