Or “What’s in a Loaf II” – haven’t finished “What’s in a Loaf I” yet.
beet 002 small
No it’s not Merguez sausage. It’s the dreaded beetroot. Why, I hear you ask?

Well, one, because I was surprised to see that people still seem to think it’s meaningful to have red bred (Bodnant Welsh Food still trot it out at food festivals and people still go “O0000h!!!” – maybe there is some point to it). So there’s an element of parody. Then, we’re going next door for dinner tonight where there will be a four year old boy in attendance and I can see the point of trying to amuse him with red bred.

Other factors: they were selling beetroot at Bethesda local produce market last week; my seriously wheat/gluten intolerant sister was up the other weekend and I had buttermilk spare in the fridge from the cornbread so that went in + cheddar which I thought would complement the other ingredients. Then sesame and black onion seed bread sticks  because they’re pretty plus naked ones (but garlic brushed) because seeds can do Sue in. Then mini-plaits because I need to practice my single strand braids.

Not a straightforward as you think this baking lark …


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