Marcus’ Masterpiece

Was passing through Chester on Tuesday where us country folk pop into the huge Waitrose to marvel at all the goods on display for the city sophisticates. What do I spy on the cut-price shelves?
wheat beer smallAnd what does Dark Wheat Beer remind me of? Marcus Row’s Red Onion and Dark Wheat Beer Bread – a modern masterpiece.  So I went home and made some.

This is about the only time I use an overnight sponge with the beer, sauteed onions, starter and some of the flour. Generally I don’t see the point of sponges for sourdough but here the flavours really develop. This time I made a 2K:
marcus 005 smallThere it is nestling under the old apple tree amongst the primroses.

It really makes the most divine bread:
crumb 003smallWish I could claim to have invented it. Check it out on his blog.

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One thought on “Marcus’ Masterpiece

  1. Aw Mick, I’m blushing…! Glad to see the recipe getting a work-out, and at that 2k size it’s doubly impressive – literally. Reminds me I must have a go at it again myself…

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