Gill & Jay’s

Last weekend a few of us baked again at Gill & Jay’s in Trefriw. That’s where the challah was born. Unbeknownst to me, that Marcus Row videoed me shaping the challah, getting into a hopeless mess and having to start again. Well, it was a first attempt at a two strand braid:

Here’s Joe showing you how shaping should be done (with a bit of a battle with the table cloth):

Marcus does have his good points. Like his Black Forest Gateaux for instance:
marcus 001 smallEven better when he serves it:
gateaux 002 small


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2 thoughts on “Gill & Jay’s

  1. Gateau… ah you little devil. As always, lovely to see you and the other “fabulous baker boys” again: such meet ups encourage me every time to go get messy with dough again, once back at home, and not lapse back into laziness of (yes, I’ll admit it freely) buying bread.

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