Arcachon 15 009

Home tomorrow already. It’s not fair.

So the landlord brought us some apples from his friend’s tree – great big Russets. They were so big I thought they would be mushy but they were firm with a really good sourish flavour. Continuing the enriched dough theme it had to be apple brioche.
pommebrioche 001 smallI was going to just slightly soften apple chunks in cider but they collapsed in less than a minute so I added the honey and boiled it down a bit and substituted the reduction for the milk. It’s empty the cupboard time so some left over ground almonds went in with the flour. I added raw chunks of apple when I shaped the doughs. Have to say I was very pleased with the results as was the landlord and the neighbours. “Cake” they said ….
pommebrioche 004 small

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2 thoughts on “Arcachon 15 009

  1. We’ve taken over on the French front. Now in Colmar in the Alsace, not sure I’ll be baking bread though, at the moment sipping some delicious Edelzwicker.

  2. Bella, I almost can’t respond to this. I’ve been back two whole days, I’ve had my four weeks in France but it’s stillnot fair.
    Have a good time (he said through gritted teeth)

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