Arcachon 15 008

Seem to be going through an enriched dough phase:
tahini 001 smallI’d been half-thinking for some time about converting a Dan Lepard formula for Tahini Butter Buns from Comptoir Libanais. Finally tracked down some tahini in Bordeaux. There’s a little corn flour in the mix, milk, eggs, tahini, butter and sugar. They came out fantastically light and soft and the tahini flavour would have been enhanced if the crust had been covered in sesame seeds as directed.

Made me think about the method. Dan uses 1 whole egg and three yolks. I just used 2 whole eggs. For his yeasted version he has you boil the milk, whisk in the tahini, cool, add the eggs and the yeast, then the flour and sugar. After a 20 minute rest the dough is spread out, cubed butter put on top, salt sprinkled on and then the dough is worked “aggressively” for 5 minutes until the butter is fully incorporated.

I did it the same way as I do my “poor man’s” brioche. Melt the butter add to all the other liquid ingredients, mix with the flours, salt sugar. Didn’t even knead. Just did a few folds in an oiled plastic box. Judging by the results I can’t imagine the buns would have been better if I’d done all the other business.



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6 thoughts on “Arcachon 15 008

  1. When could I afford to retire. Home on Saturday I’m afraid. 39th aniversary today. Had a little wander around Bordeaux and a bang-up lunch at Le Boeuf sur la Place in Pessac. Currently sipping champagne …

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