It’s a Girl!

Bugger me. One day we’re celebrating International Workers Day, next day we’ve got another royal mouth to feed.

Gert was doing Cuba forMay Day so he ordered Black Bean, Jalapeno & Coriander Bread:
bean 001smallbean crumb 001 smallBut I also took the opporunity to make some cigars – Fidel’s Exploding Cigars!
cig 003 smallYou all remember the CIA plot to knock off Castro by slipping him an exploding cigar of course. These are pretty explosive with a good whack of chipotle and cumin.

Here’s some interesting links for you. First a wonderful bit of video of a French baker demonstrating different shaping techniques:

Second, an American super-microbaker (starts at about 10.25 minutes):

Third, the master at work – go to the bottom of the page:



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