Astounding News

Two amazing pieces of news today.

The most astonishing: I saw my doctor today and he said my liver was fine (!!!???)

Second, and this has kept me smiling all day, young Adam Newey is opening his shop in Camberwell tomorrow. What a star! 18 months after opening a microbakery in his flat, the Hill Bakery has now become the Hill Bakery & Deli in its own premises. Brings tears to an old cynic’s eyes.
photoAll the details here

Pitty it’s the wrong side of the river.

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8 thoughts on “Astounding News

  1. It’s on the perfectly correct side of the river and I walk past it every day on my way to and from work. Exciting to watch it taking shape these last few weeks, and Adam looking very cheerful and quite at home as the genial proprietor. Bethesda bakers take over the world… or, the breadheads are rising, as someone called Adam once said.

    1. Quite right Stig, there is only one side of this particular river. Anyway, I’ve suddenly realised how extraordinarily tiring baking and running a shop is, so I’m going to grab half an hour’s sleep before I have to get up and do the next bake.
      Next time you’re down this way Mick you’ll have to come and view my new domain. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by its extreme proximity to the Hermit’s Cave with its unending supply of Old Rosie…

      1. Not only do you Southeners suck the lifeblood out of the rest of the UK you have to cower on the far side of the river.
        On the other hand I might just come down and have a cursory look in the Hermit’s Cave, check the quality of the Old Rosie, etc ……

  2. Mick, I’m studiously ignoring your grotesque slurs on saaaf London which you can really only atone for by standing me a few rounds in the Hermit. I’m now on first-name terms with the landlord, don’t you know…

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