Cheapest/Best Course in the UK?

Had a really good student, Bella, here at the weekend. She was doing a basic Introduction to Sourdough course, so she did a couple of hours late Friday afternoon and about seven hours on Saturday. The results:
bellabread 003 smallClockwise from bottom left: a beautifully slashed Classic, a 5 Seed with Spelt, a Pain de Campagne and a Black Olive.
bellabread 002 smallClockwise: Baguettes, English Muffins, Turkish Pide, Cherry Tomato Focaccia, a Plait, Rolls and a small Campagne.

Bella was  a pleasure to work with, a real enthusiast.

But I was thinking afterwards, this course is real value for money. You pay me £100. But  not only do you get about nine hours of individual tuition with a very experienced sourdough baker, you go home with over £30.00 worth of top quality bread, a £12.00 book, the famous 15 year old Bethesdabakers’ starter, pizza dough for the freezer. Plus you get a pizza lunch with wine if you want it which would cost at least £20.00 in a restaurant (and not so good).

I might have to turn myself in for paying myself less than the minimum wage.

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3 thoughts on “Cheapest/Best Course in the UK?

  1. I can certainly say it was THE BEST …. Mick is a great teacher, I can’t wait until there is room in the freezer to do a bake at home also I can’t recommend this course highly enough. I’m definitely a convert to sourdough. (I think I left the box of pizza dough behind)
    Thanks Mick.

  2. I am form Malaysia and i wish i could participate. I will one day in the very near future. Hopefully this year.

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