2015 already

First course of the year last week and it was a freebee so hasn’t dented the festive debts. Our good friend Kathy was 50 last year so she got a one day sourdough course. She already bakes but had been having trouble with holes in loaves that looked like a cross-section of the Large Hadron Collider.

Anyway we had a really constructive day and, being a writer, she wrote it up in a very literate way here: http://www.freewriterscompanion.com/2015/01/17/things-that-have-inspired-me-to-write-part-1-baking-bread/

If you remember, a friend of Kathy’s, another creative writing teacher, found a “found poem” in my sourdough book – https://thepartisanbaker.com/2012/10/31/found-poem/ – (is that what you do with “found poems”, find them? I mean, is a “found poem” a poem from the point it is written or does it only exist after it’s been found? I’ll have to ask Adam (Hill Bakery). He’s very literate for a  baker – still reviews poetry for the Guardian so he should know.

Apart from that the main excitement in the village was Gert bringing his pop-up restaurant to Bethesda last weekend. He did a fabulous Lebanese mezze menu from Tony Kitous’ “Comptoir Libernais” for which Dan Lepard has done the photographs. Dan might have done the pix but this time I did the bread:
pide 003 small

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