Found Poem

Jeremy (hope Hurricane Sandy spared you) was talking about food as art. Well, how about this?

Harriet Tarlo is a poet and teaches creative writing at Sheffield Hallam University. She’s also a friend of our friend Kathy, a baker and bought a copy of “Bethesdabasics” from me.

Anyway she’s written a learned paper on H.D. (the American poet Hilda Doolittle) entitled “An insurmountable chasm?”: Re-visiting, Re-imagining and Re-writing Classical Pastoral through the Modernist Poetry of H.D.”

What do we find on page 17? “There is a move towards downsizing in our culture, including to making our own everyday foods and other necessities which makes this piece strike home. I found and re-shaped some words from one of Mick Hartley’s recipes in Sourdough Made Simple to make this poem in honour of baking from natural leaven, a re-found skill:

This is the one   with which

I most identify                   developed over such

a long period, I no longer remember

the influences                   a long period of struggling            to get

sourdough right                                at a time                              when information was not

easy                       was contradictory

when you found it.

This dough

a mixture of white and wholemeal flours

is very gentle and forgiving”

What do you think about that then? Got to put a quid on the price of the book. I’m going to get Adam to deconstruct it.

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