A Barbue on the Barbie

A visit here:
brion stall 003 smallmeans I can have a couple of days bake free (although I do have a batch of pizza dough ready to go in the fridge).

This has been the year of the barbie. I managed to persuade an incredulous Sue that I really did want a big Weber for my Christmas (and birthday present). First thing that happened was the cover took off in one of the big winter storms. I mean it really must have taken off like a rocket because we searched everywhere and it was never seen again. If you’re up Snowdon this year and you come across a barbie cover ….

So I’ve been learning how to do proper indirect cooking in a kettle barbecue and it’s been a fabulous summer. Over here they have the smaller version which is only really any good for direct grilling. They also have a wonderful fish stall in the supermarket run by a family who have their own boat so, on the grill so far we have had, sardines, sea bass, sea bream, red mullet and brill (barbue):
barbue small(that was the barbue)

Plus I grilled spatchcocked chicken twice and cooked sole meunier, hake in salsa verde, mussels and squid on the hob. Today I’m doing proper UK cod and chips – with a sourdough batter of course.

Who needs restaurants.

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7 thoughts on “A Barbue on the Barbie

    1. Here is Arcachon, south of Bordeaux. Marc Brion has a bakery Le Fournil des Boiens at Biganos about 20 kilometres away. He bakes organic pain au levain in a wood fired oven and sells mainly through market stalls. I spent a couple of hours with him about ten years ago. He’s the nearest thing I know to a bread hero.- he’s totally unheroic.

    1. Hey Ms Possum
      I just don’t have the attitude. Even buying charcoal. The local shop here keeps their charcoal above their fruit and veg display which is about seven foot high. I managed to get the first one down by standing on extreme tiptoe last week to the applause of the owner. Couple of days back tried the same thing. Turned out that the wooden rail on top of the display wasn’t fixed – it was just resting there. So when I stretched to reach the nearest bag it fell on the floor. Not only that, the rail was supposed to keep their display of footballs in place and they fell one by one onto the floor and bounced around the shop. I stand outside now while Sue goes in ….

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