What am I Missing

Erhmmm ….

Lately I’ve been so lax about posting anything on my blog I’m surprised anyone checks in at all so 25 hits a day is not unusual. So far today I’ve had 280. What’s occuring?


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5 Responses to What am I Missing

  1. bakingben says:

    WordPress are very clever as I see a Nisbets advert when I visit the page!

  2. Charles Perry says:

    Probably some news letter writer or blogger wrote about bread and referenced your site. Or, it could be just the season. Autumn seems to awaken the bakers.

  3. moonbake1 says:

    Sourdough September ? HA HaHeeHee !!!!

    See you when your return, enjoy your deckchair time !


  4. Hi Ben – they know where we are. All the background ads at the moment are aimed at ex-pats in France.

    Charles – that’s what I figured. Just wondered who had mentioned me.

    Rick – I don’t do deckchairs. Getting into them is OK but I’m too old to get out again!

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