Senior Moment(s)

How many mistakes can you make with a simple mix? Three any good?

Just before I got up this morning I thought, why not make some Marakesh Flatbreads? Gert wants some next week so a dress rehearsal wouldn’t go amiss plus I could take some to the friends who have invited us to dinner tonight.

Weighed the water, starter, olive oil into the bowl, added the white flour and thought bum, that’s the weight for the semolina. Scraped enough flour off the top of the liquids to bring it down to the correct amount. Started adding the semolina when the scales went blank – battery job. Apart from losing the weight I had run out of semolina so, upstairs to open a new box. Estimated the outstanding amount of semolina on another set of scales, plunged in my hands to mix – Oh, no! the dough is appreciably warm – I’ve filled the jug from the hot tap.

I’m going back to my new hobby:
jars 002 small

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3 thoughts on “Senior Moment(s)

  1. And you gave up at that point?????? Shame on you! It might not be what you were intending but I’ve discovered that even disasters usually taste pretty good, even it they aren’t as pretty as you might like, or even resemble the loaf you had in mind. Nil desperandum! 🙂

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