Perfect Loaf

jays 001 smallIsn’t it lovely
jays 002 small I can say that because I didn’t bake it. It was Jay, soon-to-be-professional-baker, who popped in for the empties a couple of days back and dropped off a loaf. Jay (surname Butters) says his kids think the bakery should be called “Bread & Butters” – I think “Butters the Bread” is better. Perhaps we should have a competition – first prize my remaindered copy of Duncan “Eco-Vibe” Gleninning’s Bread Revolution – never used.

Perhaps not.

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6 thoughts on “Perfect Loaf

  1. Ah, but was this example baked using Bethesda spring water? Makes all the difference, I believe…
    Have to say I agree it looks lovely, a really good example, really nicely slashed!

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