Grand Slam II

Gert’s just trying to be different this week – the menu is Welsh. Seaweed I said?

Two years ago I created Warburton’s Grand Slam in honour of Wales great victory. Just in case that means nothing to you, the game is rugby, the series is the Six Nations and Wales beat every other nation in 2012. The captain’s name is Warburton as is the name of one of the UK’s biggest plant bakeries, i.e. I made a joke.

I used ingredients that could have been Welsh; white and wholemeal wheat flour, oats, buttermilk and seaweed (Korean seaweed from a Chinese supermarket but then we’re very cosmopolitan these days).
grand slam 001 smallThe dough scraper gets pushed right through the dough to form the crosses immediately before baking.
grand slam 2k 001 small(Still playing with Jay’s 2K baguette baskets)
grand slam crumb 001 smallA very nice bread but I’m thinking of doubling the seaweed next time.

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