linseed crumb smalllin 0001No, it’s not a flatbread. Well, it is but it’s not supposed to be. My attempts to be bold and innovative at Mair’s could politely be described as “a work in progress”.

The latest edition of “Breadlines”, the Bread Bakers’ Guild of America’s quarterly journal has a recipe for Linseed bread from Steve Scott of Babette’s Artisan Bread in Denver, Colorado. The hydration is 110%. During fermentation you’re supposed to fold the dough several times. Ever tried to “fold” thin porridge? I did actually shape it and got it into a basket which was as big an achievement as I managed. It was supposed to prove for 15 hours but the oven man overslept and by the time the oven was ready it had been in the basket more like 20.
rick 001 smallAnyway, about a third of the dough stayed in the basket and (most of) the rest came off the peel as a lumpy pancake.
lin 0002Well it tasted good …

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4 thoughts on “Swampy

  1. Babette’s Artisan Bread must have a gluten enriched water supply like in Portland which is strengthening the bread dough! Sorry I forgot to take a piece back for Anna like you suggested.
    After seeing Stig at the theatre I bumped into Victoria from the bread weekend doing her day job at an antiques fair in Hyde Park!

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