Marcus T Shirt

You know me, black T shirt whatever the occasion to the extent that some people think I’ve only got one. Some of your younger bakers however can be quite brash. We’ve already seen that young tearaway Adam but here’s even younger Marcus making a fashion statement (I think):
marcus 001What’s more he’s got at least two of them. Armed and dangerous with a loaded scoop:
marcus 0001marcus tom  002He and Tom, who came down from Machynlleth, putting our host right.

Finally, the reason why he looks just a little rough in the first snap:
beerHe says he only had a couple of pints when he was already dehydrated. Yeah, yeah …

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3 thoughts on “Marcus T Shirt

  1. ha ha! Tell you what – I was gutted that the beer didn’t get all drunk (unlike those of us wot drank it ;-). It’s the local bake-off comp this weekend, so I shall have to revive my “lucky baking shirt” I think.

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