After Valentines: the Birthday! We wandered off to Cardiff for a largely family gathering, onto Bath, stayed a night longer than intended, as you do.

Came home and what had our neighbour Steffi left in the fridge? –

cake 003 smallcake 005 smallOnly half left this morning.

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2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. At what point did she explain that their fridge was on the blink and she was just borrowing yours for the night – must have been heart-breaking to find you’d scoffed half of by the time she came to pick it up…


    Looks like it was really tasty! And I guess the proof was in the eating…

  2. Marcus – You can’t have very good neighbours. Anyway she’s coming round tomorrow for Southern Fried Chicken with a certain cake for pud. Rick phoned to ask if there was any left! Not for him …

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