Gert is doing curry for his customers as a Valentines Day meal so he wanted naan.
naan 001 smallKnocking out 30 naan  in the course of a baking day is a bit of a feat – it’s so labour intensive and takes up all your kitchen space. Not a good way to make a profit.

But, this one –
naan 006 smallreminded me of a toad so I added a speech bubble saying something like “Toadally Yours” and printed off a Valentine card for Sue (Jeremy will be throwing up by now).

Red Grape and Fennel Seed Focaccia – Valentine breakfast:
grape 001 smallChampagne’s in the fridge, pheasant’s waiting to be braised ….

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2 thoughts on “Valentines

  1. You’re just a big old softie really, I bet you can charm birds out of trees!

    A question about naan bread, what’s your recipe. I’ve been looking to make some just this last week but cannot seem to find any gram flour around here, do you use strong white? Or is gram flour just for chapati type breads and not naans anyway?

    Regards, Garth

  2. I used strong white. Never heard of gram flour being used in naan but I don’t actually know much about Indian breads. My recipe started life as a Dan Lepard yeasted one in The Cooks Book that I converted years ago.

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