Le Pain Quotidien #498

Here at Bethesdabakers every now and then we have to take time off from deep philosophical thinking on the nature of bread and politics to do things like write books, run courses, help people set up bakeries, encourage other people to make their own bread, etc., etc. – you’d really think someone would set up a campaign group to do this kind of thing. Some times we actually go as far as baking bread.
big dough 001 smallThis is what dough looks like at 6.00 in the morning, guys, complete with Paul Merry patent Panary dough scraper – learnt a lot from Paul over the years.

The main event yesterday way good old Pain de Campagne:
camps 003 smallbut just for a change I did a favourite breakfast flat bread, Apricot & Almond Fougasse. What I like about it is the only sweetness comes from the butter and apricots.

air fold smallAir fold – scaled at 600g

1st shape 002 smallFirst shaping

stack 001 small90 minutes prove

cut 001 smallCuts made with plastic scraper followed by a further 90 minutes prove.

foug stack 001 smallBaked!!

foug stack 003 smallWouldn’t you love to do a course in Sunny Snowdonia?

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