Real Bread etc.

I’ve been thinking – must be the long winter nights or something.

I have been known to have a pop at the Real Bread Campaign – they are a fairly easy target after all – so let’s have a go at being constructive.

They got big bucks funding for a time-limited period and you could ask why they didn’t plan a self-sufficient future right from the start. That’s a normal condition of receiving public funds. But, as the Labour Party said when they realised that Tony Blair’s lies had left us with a few hundred thousand dead innocent Iraqis on our hands, “We are where we are.”

In the December Breadcrumbs email it was proudly announced that the two thousandth member of Real Bread Campaign had signed up. At the bottom rate of subscription, £22.50, that’s an annual income of £45,000. Blimey, I thought, I could have a reasonable stab at running a campaign for that sort of money. But let’s not be uncharitable.

In the January edition it said that the email had a circulation of 8,000, and yet again appealed for people to become members. The Campaign has been pushing its financial plight for months and yet three quarters of those who asked to be on an email list haven’t signed up.

Wouldn’t it be an idea to ask those 6000 why they don’t become members?

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