Trust II

Teaching and working with other bakers is one of the great pleasures of this baking lark and fortunately 90% of these experiences are not like the situation in the previous post.

Now, Gert and I have a relationship of trust. Gert is a chef who runs a B&B in Caernarfon and, since his restaurant burnt down 12 months ago, has cooked two or three times a week at the B&B. I’ve been supplying his bread for a couple of years and, as I have written previously, he changes his menu every week and so keeps me improvising new breads supposedly from different cuisines.

This week the phone threw a wobbly when he called and I just about caught the words “four”, “Caribbean” and “chile”, i.e. he’s doing Caribbean this week and he wants four loaves with chile in. He knows I can come up with something and I know he will turn up, collect the bread and – unlike some people – pay.
chile 001 smallOn the left the newly created Squash, Chipotle & Chile Colorado Bread. I’m going through a Tex/Mex phase and had some left over Red Chile Salsa in the freezer after making West Texas Stacked Enchiladas the other week which I combined with pureed chipotles (5 per loaf) and roast butternut squash. Nice pokey little aftertaste.

On the right, a savoury brioche, which is a bit more experimental. I wanted to use scotch bonnets to give some serious heat, and to pair it with fruit without making it sweet. The idea was to have the heat intense in the centre rather than have it dissipated throughout the dough. The only pineapple Bethesda could offer was a tin of unsweetened and I thought that would have to do for an experiment. Turned out to be only about half the weight I needed so I bulked it up with slices of small sweet peppers. The pineapple and the peppers went into the dough and fermented overnight in the fridge. I made a filling by cooking finely chopped scotch bonnets, spring onions, coriander and lime juice. Pressed out the dough, spread over the filling and rolled it up like a swiss roll.
crumbs 002 smallbrioche crumb 001 smallThe taste is great except, to my surprise, it could do with a bit more sweetness. The problem as you can see is in the execution. But we’ll soon sort that …

I have this idea of having it toasted, or even fried in butter, with a sloppy crab cake on
top …

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