Was it Noddy or Big Ears?

With the fading memory of old age, I can’t remember which of our heros owned the car. The reason for wondering is the fabuloso crab and pear fougasse I made for the first course of our anniversary meal:
crab 001 smallNul points for design – looks like the radiator of the car owned by whichever of Enid Blyton’s characters, or Wallace (of and Gromit) saying “cheese”.

Never mind. The favour was great and it went with a glass containing a layer of rocket and fromage frais, a layer of diced pear and a layer of crab flavoured with saffron. Plus the odd glass of champagne.

Of course this recipe will soon be available in Bethesdabakers Breadsheets, the virtual microbakin’ franchise.

What’s the next celebration?

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