Guess the Weight

mick 001 smallNo, smartarse. The bread not me.

At La Tupina, the famous Bordeaux restaurant, they have a small log-pile of long loaves stacked on a grid over the stairs down to the wine cellar. The steps extend into the room so the grid is about eye-level when you’re seated at your table. After all these years I thought I’d have a go at imitating them.
oven 001 smallI need a bigger oven.
crumb 001 smallWell, I guessed the Tupina loaves were about 2K so I mixed my campagne dough at that weight but added about 15% rye to the strong bread flour.

I regularly make 2K boules but this is the first batard and I was a little taken aback by its size. Maybe Tupina’s are just a kilo – something else to try ….
mick 002 small

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6 thoughts on “Guess the Weight

  1. Never mind the fancy loaf, I reckon we need to have a whip-round to get you another shirt mate, I’ve only ever seen you in that black T-shirt!

  2. My, that’s very profound Jeremy. Stick around Kid – you might learn something. Plus, where’s this new hat you keep promising me?
    Plus, send us your best wishes. 37 years of living together on Sunday. Wait ’til she sees the crab and pear fougasse I’m making her.

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