One For Jeremy

Over on  Jeremy himself seems to be stirring again after his August slumber (finished the book yet Jeremy?). On the face of it, he’s a pretty regular guy – I mean he’s got a bit of a thing about bikes and I’m sure you’re familiar with Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman but apart from that you wouldn’t suspect anything. However, the old perv also has a thing about my feet ….

So here’s a Daliesque picture for Jeremy:
feets 001 smallHow d’you think I’m aging Jeremy?

The occasion was a visit by Jo Botril of Jo’s Loaves She and her husband Karl and five year old son Bruce had come up for a few days to conquer Snowdon and called in to collect a loaf. Was very nice to meet them all especially young master Bruce who, when asked, said his favourite bread was baguette – right on cue because that’s what I’d made for him. From her blog I see that Jo has a weakness for another of the Campaign for the Real Bread Campaign’s Celebrity Ambassadors, the one with the involuntary verbal tic that makes him say, “I’m a fifth generation baker” every other sentence.

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