Les Ambassadeurs

Funny old game, init?

Several weeks ago we had a day trip to Liverpool – that wonderful Catalan restaurant and deli, Lunya, was restocking my books. Had a wander round TKMaxx looking at cheap flameproof ceramics when I spotted a book called Bread Revolution reduced from £18.00 to a fiver written by the people who run The Thoughtful Bread Company. We’d seen their shop in Bath, which was closed at the time, and wondered what their bread was like.

Now I was going to write telling you how my jaw descended by increasing degrees towards the floor as I read the book on the train on the way home, starting with questioning how in the course of normal human endeavour a bakery with a silly name could be set up from scratch and the bakers turn out a book, achieve a publishing deal, have it published in Australia and the UK to the point where I buy a remaindered copy in the space of three years. Just good luck I guess. I was further going to say that in my opinion the authors had produced the equivalent of My Big Colour Book of Bread with a few added key words and phrases like “Revolution”, “Eco-Artisan Bakery”, etc. (The Eco-Bakery appears to mean that they use nettles and blackberries and some second-hand equipment.)

But, I have to admit that I must be wrong. Because Duncan Glendinning, one of the authors, has now been admitted to the RBCHF (Real Bread Campaign Hall of Fame) as the latest Celebrity Real Bread Ambassador so I suppose I must trust to their judgement.

I do quite often get it wrong. You can have me for two whole days all to yourself for £250.00. I’ve just discovered that another of the Real Bread Ambassadors charges £2,500.00 + vat for a single day’s consultancy. That help should spread the Real Bread message.

And, according to today’s  Real Bread Campaign’s  email, it’s Sourdough September!!! Wow, make it once a year!!! If you read the Bread Revolution’s three whole pages on sourdough, that’s probably as often as you would bake it.

Sour grapes? Only foraged ones, Mate.

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2 thoughts on “Les Ambassadeurs

  1. Maybe RBC should arrange a ‘transfer’ of one of ‘the Ambassadors’ to another team like ‘The British Baker’ for a fee. It might stop them banging on continually about the ‘dough’ they kNeed to keep going! ( Not sure an Ambassador is quite worth £85million , mind you they seem to have ‘slick footwork’.
    Rick ‘Consultant Baker’.

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