The Hollow Crown

It’s always difficult to devise a commemorative bread for a negative occasion. I mean it’s easy to make a Thanksgiving bread or to celebrate Wales winning the Grand Slam but, Thatcher’s death? So this week with our sycophantic press wetting themselves over the birth of another royal sponger I present my world champion giant couronne:
couronne 002 smallEach ball in the crown weighing in at 800g. And, of course, you can see right through it. It’s as fake as  a hereditary royal family in a democracy -two trays of three kissing loaves artfully arranged for the camera.
For which I was sentenced to hard labour:
minipizza 002 smallGert ordered 70+ 60g pizza bases – all hand shaped and dry-fried in a skillet. Tedious work.


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2 Responses to The Hollow Crown

  1. “as fake as a hereditary royal family in a democracy”

    Lovely phrase and I totall agree with the sentiment.

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