Holiday Snaps

Well, yes, we’re home after getting a final comprehensive soaking (and a fabulous last meal at Tupina) in Bordeaux on Saturday night.
As well as the annual self portrait of Sue and me sitting against the hedge I usually do the starter snaps for those doubters who are scared of their leaven. Before we left I refreshed my white and rye starters and put them in the fridge for the duration. I also took some white starter to France so we could ensure decent bread there.
Just to show absolute confidence the starter in France went down the sink before we came back.
After five and a half weeks in the fridge this is how the white starter looked:
w starter 001smallflat with a little liquor on the top. Refreshed at about 9.00 a.m. by 5.00 p.m. this is how she looked:
w starter 005smallMe? I’d bake with that now. Except I can’t fit it in the schedule so it will get refreshed again and I’ll mix later in the week.

11 thoughts on “Holiday Snaps

    1. Tomorrow I have to go into hospital to have what they euphemistically call a “procedure”. I am a total conviction coward but your awful puns have taken my mind off it for while. Shan’t be wanting to borrow one of your bikes for a few days.

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