France 2013 01

Well, here we are back in France yet again, in Arcachon yet again, in the studio at Villa l’Alma yet again.

For all of you suffering from starter phobia: I refreshed my starter last Thursday, put some in the fridge for the next bake in the middle of June, put a little in the corner of a freezer bag, knotted it and put it in a small plastic box, put that in the fridge overnight.

Friday, the box went into my luggage, took a cab to Bangor station, traveled down to Bristol. It stayed in my luggage overnight, took the airport bus to Bristol Airport, went in the hold to Bordeaux. Took the JetBus to Bordeaux St Jean, the train to Arcachon where our French neighbour collected us and gave us a lift to Villa l’Alma. Saturday evening went into the fridge here.

Yesterday evening (Monday) thought maybe I should pay it a little attention. Cut the corner of the freezer bag and squeezed it into a bowl; weighed in at 64g. Refreshed it with with about 130g of water and the same of flour (T80). This morning (Tuesday) it looked happy:
starter001 small
And, eight hours later, this is the first bread it produced:
loaf 001 small
Totally pale after an hour at a supposed 230C in a tiny Carrefour combination oven on convection only. Still better than 95% of the bread you can get around here (i.e. France).

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