Dutch Banana Bread

Gert, one of my commercial customers, translated a bunch of Dutch sourdough recipes for me some time back which was very kind of him but now, of course, it’s payback time. I’ve already been called on to make him sauerkraut bread; this time it was banana.

The politest way of describing the style of the recipes is “unusual”. They all start with “1 liter” of sourdough – no hint of hydration or of the number of loaves the recipe is supposed to produce. None of them give water as an ingredient although other liquids (tomato juice, etc) are – I assume water is added as required. Some ingredient quantities are a little vague (4 bananas).

Banana bread ingredients are equal weights of wholemeal wheat and buckwheat flour + about 25% ground peanuts (I included them in the formula as part of the 100% flour). It rapidly developed into an intercity and international dough. Happened to be in Liverpool so found peanuts on the market, but buckwheat? – eventually found it in a health food shop in Chester.

Back in Wales assembled the remaining ingredients: eggs, honey, soured cream, vanilla essence – at least Londis’ reduced price bananas were perfectly over-ripe for breadmaking.

Guessed the water at 50% expecting to increase it in the mix. 50% produced a sloppy slurry into which I had to start weighing addition flour just to be able to handle it. Intended to bake 5 large loaves, ended up with dough for 6 + a small one.

banana 001 smallGert apparently came round and collected his bread this morning while I was having an early morning prodding about by doctors and nurses at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Sue says he sniffed deeply and said, “Ah, that really smells like Dutch sourdough.”
I would describe the taste as being “interesting” ….

4 thoughts on “Dutch Banana Bread

  1. I think you’ll find buckwheat flour may also be at the Food Co-op 100 yards up the road from yourself – no need to go to Chester!

  2. I know, Pam. But if it’s not Saturday afternoon or Wednesday evening when the Co-op is open, and you happen to be in Liverpool on Monday on a self-indulgent day out, and you are mixing said dough on Tuesday evening, a boy must go foraging.

  3. when you say “interesting”, I take it you mean something beginning with “c” and ending with “rap”? 🙂

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