A Shock for Mom

“Mick Hartley is a warm and entrepreneurial man from South Wales.” This is going to come as a bit of a surprise particularly to my Mom back in our home city of Birmingham but also to friends who think of me as being a spiky chancer currently living in North Wales.

Few weeks back a guy called Jarkko Laine in Finland bought a copy of “Microbakin'” from me. This is a bit messy because you have to memorise the rest of the paragraph first, but click on this link then, when you arrive at Jeremy’s Stir the Pots, click on the “Profile of Jeremy” link on the second line. Then find page 17 entitled “Micro Baking in New York City”.

It purports to be a profile of Jeremy Shapiro (or “Shapiro” as we now have to call him) and his microbakery. But read on a bit and we come to the bloke from South Wales who becomes known as “Hartley” (for a nasty moment I thought I was back in school). Apart from the warm and entrepreneurial bit everything comes straight from the book. So Jeremy gets a big fat fee for his time and I make about seven quid on the book sale.

Only joking, Jeremy. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were making dosh. I could come and make pizza at yours and you could come and make pizza here in Bethesda South North Wales.
Up your leg!

6 thoughts on “A Shock for Mom

  1. My old man was called “Hartley”. There’s a strong rumour that the family was from Yorkshire and called “Harding” and someone had to change their name in a hurry.
    We loves ya baby, dosh or no dosh.

  2. methinks that you might need to start referring to yourself as the “International Microbaker”, clearly North (or South, for that matter) Wales is too small to hold you back! 🙂

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