The Vision Thing

Hugely busy here with courses and things which I’ll probably get round to telling you about. But how about a bit of mysticism to be going on with.
You will be aware the Bethesda is alive with Celticity – it crackles and sparkles in the atmosphere even on the dampest of days. When the mist dissipates mysterious signs, symbols and visions can become apparent to those whose spiritual receptiveness is untouched by cynicism as we have shown before in photos of the image of the Bethesda Virgin Mary manifest in a slice of bread or a crabby old apple.

I find this next image difficult to interpret:
croc 001 smallIt could be a duck or a crocodile or a small voice telling me it is the Year of the Snake.

But this next one is clearly a reminder that I’d better have the champagne on ice on Thursday:
heart 001 small

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