New Bakery

I’m sort of having a really good time at the moment although it’s just a wee bit busy.
Firstly, Chris Brown, someone else who did the Microbakin’ course with me a few months ago, contacted me to say he’s in the second week of production. He’s just got the first pages of his new website up here. It always cheers me up greatly when someone who came to Bethesda for a course get’s their bakery started. Of course it’s their hard work and courage that makes it happen – they just come here to bounce ideas around in a safe environment. (how did you guess I used to be a social worker?)

Then, I suppose because Microbakin’ is the prize in the Real Bread magazine’s current competition, sales of both books went through the roof – I’m getting quite fit walking up and down the hill to the post office.

On Thursday I’m running the first of a series of two day sourdough courses down at Bethesda Rugby Club. Next week I have another potential microbaker up for a course – and more in the pipeline.
Great thing this retirement.

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