Eden’s Garden

Congratulations to one of our most faithful customers and good friend Juliet Greenwood (not to mention Phoebe the dog – canine world champion baguette muncher) on the publication of her second book Eden’s Garden, ISBN-13: 978-1906784355.

This is Sue’s review: An intriguing mystery story. What stood out for me and made the book so much more than just another romantic novel were the strong female characters from Ann in the 1890’s who fights to escape the shocking consequences of a system in which women have no legal rights to the modern day Carys who refuses to be deflected into taking the easy option but stubbornly battles on to realise her dreams. The moving stories of both these women are told against the evocative backgrounds of Victorian London and present day Snowdonia and Cornwall and are cleverly interweaved leading to a satisfying ending. A great read.

You have to take Sue opinions seriously – I know I do. She also says it’s a must for Easter – lasts longer than an egg.

Link to Juliet’s blog on the sidebar

One thought on “Eden’s Garden

  1. Thank you, Mick! It was your bread that fired the brain and sustained me through the lengthy writing and editing process. And thank you to Sue for that great review.

    Phoebe graciously accepts the nomination for canine world champion baguette muncher. It’s a hard life being an author’s dog, rounding her up, corralling her at the computer and making sure she hits the publisher’s deadlines. A baguette (so Phoebe informs me) is her only reward.



    Ps New website just gone live. Phoebe stars, of course. http://www.julietgreenwood.co.uk/

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