Boston Brown Bread …

… or Essential Waitrose II.

If you complain about the length of time it takes to make sourdough don’t try this – it takes a week to get through the coffee for a single loaf.

Of course we have the Royal branch of Waitrose in Menai Bridge where Kate shops when hubby is flying helicopters out of RAF Valley and not warmongering in the Malvinas.

Anyway Gert is doing a New England menu this week at his restaurant Oren in Caernarfon (now apparently in the Rough Guide as well as the Good Food Guide) so I thought Boston Brown Bread and Jeffrey Hamelman’s Vermont Sourdough (because it’s got “Vermont” in the title). The Boston Brown Bread comes from Janeer’s Little Compton Mornings blog and the hardest part, aside from drinking all that coffee, was converting it to metric.

700g seems to be the correct dough weight for a 250g coffee tins:

Wholemeal Wheat Flour 99g
Cornmeal 40g
Wholemeal Rye 40g
Salt 2g
Baking Powder 2g
Egg 29g
Molasses 99g
Buttermilk 235g
Walnuts 29g
Raisins 58g (unsoaked)
Water (for soaking raisins) 47g + a splash of whiskey

Oil the tins well, scoop in the batter. Like your Christmas Pud cover the tin(s) and steam in an appropriately  sized container with water about half way up the tin(s). The steaming time was about 2.5 hours.

You probably need to cut the bottom off the tin to remove.

This is a smaller test version pale because golden syrup was substituted for molasses.

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